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Markt: AIM
Sektor: Mobilkommunikation
Website: Telit Communications
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Telit Communications

Telit Communications PLC is a global leader in the field of machine-to-machine (m2m) communications. Telit develops, manufactures, markets and sells communication modules which enable machines, devices and vehicles to communicate via cellular and other wireless networks. Telit's core strengths are innovative products, compete control over its intellectual property and its flexible, customized solutions, which enable it to offer customers the lowest total cost of ownership and a future-proof product roadmap. Telit's products are sold and deployed worldwide through offices in the US, China, Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, and the Republic of South Africa.

Machine-to-machine (m2m) technology established wireless communication between machines and the information centre of a business.The goal of m2m is to enable applications that allow businesses to increase productivity and competitiveness. At the heart of each m2m implementation is a communication module which receives, processes and transmits information via wireless networks.

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