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Markt: ASX
Sektor: gefächerte Industrie
Website: AusTex Oil
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Crude Oil

AusTex Oil

AusTex Oil Ltd (ASX:AOK) was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in January 2008. AusTex is focused on reworking and development of oil and gas leases in the USA.  The company produces oil and gas from leases in Oklahoma and Kansas. Since listing, AusTex has increased its lease interests from 1,000 acres to 69,000 acres. International Energy Corporation (IEC), a wholly owned subsidiary of AusTex, holds a 10 year marketing agreement for the State of Oklahoma for the patented Radial Jet Enhancement Technology. Oil and Gas leases in Kansas are held in partnership with Castle Resources Inc., the Kansas operator of the Radial Jet Enhancement Technology.

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